Forest Talk is back!

We re-started our weekly news and features audio publication on Saturday 5th September. All new editions will be available on this web site and will be delivered on memory sticks to all our subscribers.

Are you unable to read a newspaper, even with glasses?

Do you know someone who is?

Do you live in or near the Forest of Dean?

If so – you need to know about Forest Talk!

Forest Talk is a free, weekly, recorded ‘newspaper’ for reading-impaired people who live in, or are interested in, the Forest of Dean, helping them keep in touch with local news and events.

It keeps listeners aware of the wider community with familiar and friendly voices in their home each week.

latest edition

Each Saturday our volunteers record a new edition containing 45 minutes of news items from local newspapers, together with 45 minutes of features.

The newspaper is recorded on a Memory Stick, which plugs into a simple, easy to use, player. We provide each listener with a player on loan.

stick and players 2015 800 x 184

The talking newspaper memory sticks are posted each Monday in reply-paid pouches, and listeners usually receive them on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Listeners are asked to put the stick back in the post, in its pouch,  as soon as possible after they have finished listening to it.

There is no charge to the listener for postage.

If your poor sight means you are unable to read a newspaper,

then you are probably eligible to receive Forest Talk. 

To find out more please contact us by phone on 07903 240 296 or send an email to secretary@foresttalk.co.uk

Click here to download the Forest Talk leaflet and listener application form

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